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مهرجان الأفلام المتنقلة في أفريقيا

لجنة التحكيم 2023

Sofia Alaoui

Born in Casablanca, Sofia Alaoui spent her childhood between Morocco and China. After studying in Paris, she moved to Casablanca in 2015 where she created her production company Jiango Film and directed both documentaries: Les enfants de Naplouse, Les vagues ou rien and narratives : Le rêve de Cendrillon and Kenza des Choux.

Her latest short film So What If the Goats Die won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival 2020, the French Union of Film Critics Prize and the Jury Prize at Paris Courts Devant 2021, then the César Award for Best Short Film in 2021

After shooting a commissioned short film as part of a genre series for 20 Century Fox (Hulu), she directed last year her first feature film ANIMALIA produced by Wrong Film and Srab films in France and by Dounia Benjelloun and Jiango Film in Morocco, which won the Jury Prize at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

Sofia is working on her next projects: a series created by Laila Marrakchi for which she will direct all episodes in the spring, as well as her next feature film, which is currently being written.

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